Pocket PC Development and the .NET Compact Framework

[This documentation is for preview only, and is subject to change in later releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

The .NET Compact Framework combines Windows Forms controls with Pocket PC controls and components to provide a rich development experience for developing smart device projects.

Pocket PC Form Style

Describes how to implement and use Form elements on the Pocket PC.

Pocket PC Platform Behavior

Describes how controls and core elements operate on the Pocket PC.

InputPanel Component

Describes the InputPanel class for using the soft input panel (SIP).

How to: Detect Navigation Keys

Describes how to trap key input from device hardware

How to: Send a Notification

Shows to send and respond to a Notification control.

How to: Set Pocket PC Input Methods

Shows how to select a input method for user input from the collection of input methods on a Pocket PC.

How to: Use a DocumentList Control

Shows how to use a DocumentList to provide for file management tasks in your application.

How to: Use the HardwareButton Component

Shows how to use a HardwareButton to activate applications from a physical hardware buttons on a Pocket PC.

How to: Use the InputPanel Component

Shows how position controls on your from when an InputPanel is enabled on your Pocket PC.


This namespace contains classes for programming device applications using the.NET Compact Framework.