This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debugging ASP.NET Web Applications

Debugging an ASP.NET Web application with Visual Studio .NET is similar to debugging a Windows Form or any other Windows application. The fact that application is running on the Web should be mostly transparent to you.

In This Section

Debugging ASP.NET Applications During Development
Provides steps for debugging an ASP.NET application during development. These steps include setting debug mode for the configuration file, setting project properties, starting the debugger, setting and clearing breakpoints, stepping, and ending the debugging session.
Debugging Deployed ASP.NET Applications
Discusses debugging a Web application that is already deployed and running on a server. Information includes considerations and steps for debugging.
Debugging Web Applications on a Remote Server
Lists prerequisites for debugging a Web application on a remote server.
Debugging Client-Side Scripts
Discusses testing scripts and client side scripts in ASP.NET pages. Tasks you can perform when debugging client-side scripts in a Web page include viewing source code, controlling the pace of script execution with breakpoints and stepping, viewing and changing variable and property values, and viewing and controlling script flow with the Call Stack window.
Debugging ASP.NET Web Services
Describes debugging ASP.NET Web services. Information includes debugging an XML Web service on //localhost, debugging an XML Web service on a remote server, and debugging a deployed XML Web service.
ASP.NET Debugging: System Requirements
Describes the operating system requirements for debugging ASP.NET Web applications with Visual Studio .NET.
Debug Mode in ASP.NET Applications
Discusses setting debug mode for an ASP.NET application. Information includes a description of Web.config files, suggestions for editing the file, sample code, and the behavior of hierarchical configuration files.

Related Sections

Debugging Script and Web Applications
Describes common debugging problems and techniques you may encounter when debugging script and Web applications. Sections include: debugging ASP.NET and ASP Web applications, debugging ATL Server Web applications, Visual Studio and the Windows Script Debugger, Web server debugging errors, and troubleshooting.