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Call this method to add an element to the array object.

      size_t Add(
   INARGTYPE element 
size_t Add( );


The element to be added to the array.

Returns the index of the added element.

The new element is added to the end of the array. If no element is provided, an empty element is added; that is, the array is increased in size as though a real element has been added. If the operation fails, AtlThrow is called with the argument E_OUTOFMEMORY.


// Declare an array of integers
CAtlArray<int> iArray;

iArray.Add(1);   // element 0
iArray.Add(2);   // element 1
iArray.Add();    // element 2

ATLASSERT(iArray.GetCount() == 3);   


Header: atlcoll.h