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YukonCLR Sample: Upgrading Stored Procedures to Work with SQL Server 2005

This sample demonstrates how to leverage an existing extended stored procedure and how to use C++ for developing CLR code. It comprises two solutions:

  • CppXP2Clr, which contains two projects:

    • xp_cheksum, an extended stored procedure with C++ functions

    • clr_checksum, a port using CLR pure

  • CppUdt is a CLR safe SQL Server 2005 project that contains user-defined data type

Security noteSecurity Note

This sample code is intended to illustrate a concept, and it shows only the code that is relevant to that concept. It may not meet the security requirements for a specific environment, and it should not be used exactly as shown. We recommend that you add security and error-handling code to make your projects more secure and robust. Microsoft provides this sample code "AS IS" with no warranties.

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This sample requires the AdventureWorks sample database on a SQL Server 2005 server. After you load a SQL Server Class Library application in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), a message box will prompt you to specify connection information to a SQL Server. For this sample application, specify the AdventureWorks database.

How to:

  • Use an existing extended stored procedure

  • Move existing stored procedure functions to SQL Server 2005

  • Use new user-defined data types in SQL Server 2005

Yukon/CLR consists of two solutions, CppXP2Clr and CppUdt.

Solution CppXP2Clr consists of two projects, an extended stored procedure and a SQL Server Class Library project. The SQL/CLR project demonstrates the simplicity of moving native C++ function to SQL/CLR. The function checksum() will be used in both projects. The SQL/CLR project will be built using /clr:pure to leverage existing C++ functions.

Solution CppUdt is a SQL/CLR project built with /clr:safe and creates a user-defined data type (UDT). This project demonstrates using C++ to build SQL/CLR project with UDT.

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