String Conversion Macros


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These macros provide string conversion features.

ATL and MFC String Conversion MacrosSet of macros that convert between string types.
DEVMODE and TEXTMETRIC String Conversion MacrosSet of macros that convert the strings within DEVMODE and TEXTMETRIC structures.

The string conversion macros discussed here are valid for both ATL and MFC. For more information on MFC string conversion, see TN059: Using MFC MBCS/Unicode Conversion Macros and MFC Macros and Globals.

  • ATL 7.0 String Conversion Classes and Macros

  • ATL 3.0 String Conversion Macros

These macros create a copy of a DEVMODE or TEXTMETRIC structure and convert the strings within the new structure to a new string type. The macros allocate memory on the stack for the new structure and return a pointer to the new structure.

    address_of_structure Â)


For example:

   DEVMODEW* lpw = DEVMODEA2W(lpa);



In the macro names, the string type in the source structure is on the left (for example, A) and the string type in the destination structure is on the right (for example, W). A stands for LPSTR, OLE stands for LPOLESTR, T stands for LPTSTR, and W stands for LPWSTR.

Thus, DEVMODEA2W copies a DEVMODE structure with LPSTR strings into a DEVMODE structure with LPWSTR strings, TEXTMETRICOLE2T copies a TEXTMETRIC structure with LPOLESTR strings into a TEXTMETRIC structure with LPTSTR strings, and so on.

The two strings converted in the DEVMODE structure are the device name ( dmDeviceName) and the form name ( dmFormName). The DEVMODE string conversion macros also update the structure size ( dmSize).

The four strings converted in the TEXTMETRIC structure are the first character ( tmFirstChar), the last character ( tmLastChar), the default character ( tmDefaultChar), and the break character ( tmBreakChar).

The behavior of the DEVMODE and TEXTMETRIC string conversion macros depends on the compiler directive in effect, if any. If the source and destination types are the same, no conversion takes place. Compiler directives change T and OLE as follows:

Compiler directive in effectT becomesOLE becomes

The following table lists the DEVMODE and TEXTMETRIC string conversion macros.

DEVMODE and TEXTMETRIC String Conversion Macros