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Miscellaneous Constructs

The following table lists subexpressions that modify a regular expression.

Construct Definition
(?imnsx-imnsx) Sets or disables options such as case insensitivity to be turned on or off in the middle of a pattern. For information on specific options, see Regular Expression Options. Option changes are effective until the end of the enclosing group. See also the information on the grouping construct (?imnsx-imnsx: ), which is a cleaner form.
(?# ) Inline comment inserted within a regular expression. The comment terminates at the first closing parenthesis character.
# [to end of line] X-mode comment. The comment begins at an unescaped # and continues to the end of the line. (Note that the x option or the RegexOptions.IgnorePatternWhitespace enumerated option must be activated for this kind of comment to be recognized.)

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