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Accessing Data (Visual Studio) 

Most applications revolve around reading and updating information in databases. To allow data integration in distributed, scalable applications, Visual Studio provides support for integrating data into your applications.

In This Section

Creating Client Data Applications

Discusses aspects of incorporating data access functionality into your applications.

Creating SQL Server 2005 Objects in Managed Code

Provides links to topics describing what SQL Server projects are, how to create them, and how to add and create SQL Server database objects.

Connecting to Data with Server Explorer/Database Explorer

Describes how to access design-time information about databases via Server Explorer.

Visual Database Tools

Describes the tools available for creating and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.


Describes the ADO.NET classes, which expose data-access services to the .NET programmer.

Transaction Processing

Provides both general information on transaction processing and specific information on how to process transactions in the Microsoft .NET Framework.



Describes the ADO.NET classes, which expose data-access services to the .NET programmer.


Describes the ADO.NET classes, which expose data-access services to the .NET programmer.


The System.Transactions namespace contains classes that allow you to write your own transactional application and resource manager.

Related Sections

Decision Chart

Provides an interactive guide to help you choose which approach or technology to use, as well as links to more information.

What's New in Data

Discusses data access features that are new in Visual Studio.

Windows Forms Data Architecture

Provides topics on how data binding works in Windows Forms and how to bind controls to a data source.

ASP.NET Data Access (Visual Studio)

Provides topics on the issues associated with data binding in Web Forms pages and how to bind controls to a data source.

Debugging SQL

Provides information on debugging SQL Server stored procedures, functions, and triggers.

Data Namespaces in Visual Studio

Lists the major namespaces for data and XML and provides links to .NET Framework reference topics about the types (classes, structures, enumerations, delegates, and interfaces) in the namespaces, as well as links to topics about using them in Visual Basic and Visual C# applications.

ASP.NET Data Access (Visual Studio)

Provides links to information on working with data on ASP.NET Web pages.

Data in Managed Device Projects

Describes how to manage data for devices in Visual Studio.

Data in Office Solutions

Contains links to topics that explain how data works in Office solutions, including information about schema-oriented programming, data caching, and server-side data access.

Deploying Applications and Components

Provides links to procedural, conceptual, and step-by-step topics about component deployment.

XML Tools in Visual Studio

Discusses working with XML data, debugging XSLT, .NET Framework XML features, and architecture of XML Query.

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