XamlObjectReader Properties

The XamlObjectReader type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Instance Gets the object instance that is available at the current reader position.
Protected property IsDisposed Gets whether Dispose has been called. (Inherited from XamlReader.)
Public property IsEof Gets a value that reports whether the reader position is at the end of the file. (Overrides XamlReader.IsEof.)
Public property Member Gets the current XamlMember at the reader position, if the reader position is on a StartMember. (Overrides XamlReader.Member.)
Public property Namespace Gets the XAML namespace declaration from the current reader position. (Overrides XamlReader.Namespace.)
Public property NodeType Gets the type of the current node. (Overrides XamlReader.NodeType.)
Public property SchemaContext Gets an object that provides schema information for the information set. (Overrides XamlReader.SchemaContext.)
Public property Type Gets the XamlType of the object at the current reader position. (Overrides XamlReader.Type.)
Public property Value Gets the value of the node at the current reader position. (Overrides XamlReader.Value.)
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