GradientBrush.ColorInterpolationMode Property


Gets or sets a ColorInterpolationMode enumeration that specifies how the gradient's colors are interpolated.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Media
Assembly:  PresentationCore (in PresentationCore.dll)

Public Property ColorInterpolationMode As ColorInterpolationMode

Property Value

Type: System.Windows.Media.ColorInterpolationMode

Specifies how the colors in a gradient are interpolated. The default is ColorInterpolationMode.SRgbLinearInterpolation.

Identifier field


Metadata properties set to true


Legacy Code Example

The following example shows two similar gradients that have different modes of color interpolation, which causes the interpolation to happen in different color spaces.

Code snippet is not found. Confirm that the code snippet name 'GradientBrushExamples_snip' is correct.

The following illustration shows what the preceding example produces.

Two gradients showing different interpolation mode

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
Available since 2.0
Windows Phone Silverlight
Available since 7.0
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