System.Windows.Forms.Design.Behavior Namespace

The System.Windows.Forms.Design.Behavior namespace contains classes for creating custom user interface behavior for components at design time.

The following list shows the classes included in this namespace:

  • A Glyph class for handling painting and hit-testing.

  • An Adorner class for managing a collection of Glyph objects.

  • A BehaviorService class for managing the custom user interface in a designer.

  • A SnapLine class that represents horizontal and vertical line segments that assist users in aligning components at design time.

Public classAdornerManages a collection of user-interface related Glyph objects. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classBehaviorRepresents the Behavior objects that are managed by a BehaviorService.
Public classBehaviorDragDropEventArgsProvides data for the BeginDrag and EndDrag events.
Public classBehaviorServiceManages user interface in the designer. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classBehaviorServiceAdornerCollectionStores Adorner objects in a strongly typed collection.
Public classBehaviorServiceAdornerCollectionEnumeratorSupports iteration over a BehaviorServiceAdornerCollection.
Public classComponentGlyphAssociates a Glyph with its component.
Public classControlBodyGlyphAssociates a Glyph with its control.
Public classGlyphRepresents a single user interface (UI) entity managed by an Adorner.
Public classGlyphCollectionStores Glyph objects in a strongly typed collection.
Public classSnapLineRepresents the horizontal and vertical line segments that are dynamically created in the user interface (UI) to assist in the design-time layout of controls in a container. This class cannot be inherited.

Public delegateBehaviorDragDropEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle the BeginDrag and EndDrag events of a BehaviorService. This class cannot be inherited.

Public enumerationGlyphSelectionTypeDescribes the designer selection state of a Glyph.
Public enumerationSnapLinePrioritySpecifies the relative importance of a snapline.
Public enumerationSnapLineTypeSpecifies the orientation and relative location of a snapline.
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