FrameworkTextComposition.CompositionLength Property

Gets the length of the current composition in Unicode symbols.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Documents
Assembly:  PresentationFramework (in PresentationFramework.dll)

public int CompositionLength { get; }

Property Value

Type: System.Int32
The length of the current composition in Unicode symbols.

The CompositionLength property indicates how many characters have been entered since the last TextInput event. This property is only meaningful when the TextInputStart or TextInputUpdate event occurs. When the TextInput event occurs, CompositionLength is –1, and the ResultLength property indicates the length of the composition.

CompositionLength is introduced in the .NET Framework version 3.5. For more information, see .NET Framework Versions and Dependencies.

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.6, 4.5, 4, 3.5 SP1, 3.0 SP1

.NET Framework Client Profile

Supported in: 4, 3.5 SP1
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