System.Web.Util Namespace

The System.Web.Util namespace is a collection of classes that enable callback methods to be run under the scope of a transaction and that enable work to be posted to separate threads.

  Class Description
Public class HttpEncoder Provides encoding and decoding logic.
Public class RequestValidator Defines base methods for custom request validation.
Public class Transactions Provides a way to wrap a callback method within a transaction boundary.
Public class WorkItem Provides the ability to move work items to another thread for execution.

  Interface Description
Public interface IWebObjectFactory Infrastructure. Provides the interface for implementing factories for Web objects.
Public interface IWebPropertyAccessor Infrastructure. Provides the interface for implementing property accessors.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate TransactedCallback Represents the callback method being run under transaction support.
Public delegate WorkItemCallback Represents the method that executes on a separate work item thread.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration RequestValidationSource Specifies what kind of HTTP request data to validate.
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