UserNamePasswordServiceCredential Members

This class is used to configure how the service authenticates users that use user name/password authentication and to configure the caching of logon tokens.

The UserNamePasswordServiceCredential type exposes the following members.

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Public property CachedLogonTokenLifetime Gets or sets the maximum length of time that a token is cached.
Public property CacheLogonTokens Gets or sets a value that indicates whether logon tokens are cached.
Public property CustomUserNamePasswordValidator Gets or sets a custom user name and password validator.
Public property IncludeWindowsGroups Gets or sets a value that indicates whether Windows groups are included in the security context.
Public property MaxCachedLogonTokens Gets or sets the maximum number of logon tokens to cache.
Public property MembershipProvider Gets or sets the membership provider.
Public property UserNamePasswordValidationMode Gets or sets the method of validating the user name and password.
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