TaiwanLunisolarCalendar Properties

The TaiwanLunisolarCalendar type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AlgorithmType Gets a value indicating whether the current calendar is solar-based, lunar-based, or a combination of both. (Inherited from EastAsianLunisolarCalendar.)
Protected property DaysInYearBeforeMinSupportedYear Gets the number of days in the year that precedes the year specified by the MinSupportedDateTime property. (Overrides Calendar.DaysInYearBeforeMinSupportedYear.)
Public property Eras Gets the eras that are relevant to the current TaiwanLunisolarCalendar object. (Overrides Calendar.Eras.)
Public property IsReadOnly Gets a value indicating whether this Calendar object is read-only. (Inherited from Calendar.)
Public property MaxSupportedDateTime Gets the maximum date and time supported by the TaiwanLunisolarCalendar class. (Overrides Calendar.MaxSupportedDateTime.)
Public property MinSupportedDateTime Gets the minimum date and time supported by the TaiwanLunisolarCalendar class. (Overrides Calendar.MinSupportedDateTime.)
Public property TwoDigitYearMax Gets or sets the last year of a 100-year range that can be represented by a 2-digit year. (Inherited from EastAsianLunisolarCalendar.)
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