Confirm Installation User Interface Dialog Box

The Confirm Installation dialog box is used to give the user one last chance to cancel installation or to go back to earlier dialog boxes and make changes before files are actually installed. The text in the body of the dialog box reads "The installer is ready to install Product on your computer. Click "Next" to start the installation." Product is the ProductName property for the deployment project.

The Confirm Installation dialog box should always be the last dialog box in the Start node of the User Interface Editor, since it is used to start the installation.

The following illustration shows a typical Confirm Installation dialog box, as it would appear during installation.

Confirm Installation dialog box

Deployment UI splash screen

The only property available for the Confirm Installation dialog box is the BannerBitmap property, which sets the image that appears in the upper right corner of the dialog box. The position and size of the image are fixed.


For a consistent user interface, the same image should be used for all dialog boxes in an installer.

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