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Location Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to locate and select the folder containing the files of interest. This dialog box returns the path of the selected folder to the calling dialog box. You can access this dialog box by choosing Browse in the New Project dialog box; you can access the New Project dialog box by choosing New from the File menu.

Look in
Locate the folder you want from this list. Subfolders of the selected folder are displayed. For XML Web services and ASP.NET Web applications, the files are located on a Web server.
Displays the files most recently removed from solutions.
My Projects
Select to display the contents at the location specified in the Projects and Solutions, Environment, Options Dialog Box.
Select to display the files and folders located on the desktop
Select to display the contents of your Internet Explorer Favorites folder.
Tip   To add a link to your Favorites from this dialog box, locate the folder you want to add from the Look in list, and then select Add to Favorites from the Tools menu.
My Network Places
Displays the contents of your My Network Places folder. Use Add Network Place to add another network resource to this folder for easy retrieval.
Folder name
Displays the path of the selected folder.
Returns the path of the selected folder in the Folder Name field to the calling dialog box.
Navigate Back
Returns the most recently viewed folder, drive, or Internet location.

Up One Level
Navigates the tree to the next highest folder in the hierarchy.

Search the Web
Opens your Web browser to its specified search page.

Deletes the selected files or folders from storage.

New Folder
Displays the New Folder dialog box. Use this option to create a new child folder under the folder selected in the Look in list.

View By
Provides options for arranging and viewing the contents of the item selected in the Look in list.

The following fields are available through the Look in list.

Select to display files, folders, and other items in a list format.
Select to display the name, size, type, and last-modified date of files, folders, and other items in a list format. To sort by a particular detail, click its column header.
Select to display the names and properties of files, folders, and other items. When selected, the content pane divides in half: the left half displays the name of the item and the right half displays the properties of the selected item.
Select to display a preview of the file. When selected, divides the content pane in half: the left half displays the files and folders and the right half displays a preview of the file. This is useful when looking for a particular graphic file.
Arrange Icons
Has the same effect as selecting one of the column headers in Details View to sort by that column. Arrange Icons is useful when arranging items by a property other than Name (by Size, for example) in a view other than Details (Preview, for example).


Used to select a tool to apply to the item selected in the content pane.

Deletes the selected file or folder from storage.
Add to Favorites
Adds the file or folder to your Internet Explorer Favorites.
Map Network Drive
Displays the Map Network Drive dialog box, which allows you to connect to a machine on a network.
Open from Web Server
Displays the Connect to Web Server dialog box, allowing you to locate and open a project that exists on a Web server.

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