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System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking Namespace

Public classActivityDataTrackingExtract 
Public classActivityTrackingCondition 
Public classActivityTrackingLocationDefines an activity-qualified location that corresponds to an activity status event in the potential execution path of a root workflow instance. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classActivityTrackingLocationCollectionContains a collection of ActivityTrackingLocation objects.
Public classActivityTrackingRecordContains the data sent to a tracking service by the runtime tracking infrastructure when an ActivityTrackPoint is matched. It is also used in the return list of the ActivityEvents property.
Public classActivityTrackPointDefines a point, associated with an activity execution status change, to be tracked that is in the potential execution path of a workflow instance. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classActivityTrackPointCollectionContains a collection of ActivityTrackPoint objects.
Public classExtractCollectionContains a collection of TrackingExtract objects.
Public classProfileRemovedEventArgs 
Public classProfileUpdatedEventArgsProvides the data for the ProfileUpdated event. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classSqlTrackingQueryContains methods and properties that are used to manage queries to the tracking data that is contained in the SQL database used by a SqlTrackingService.
Public classSqlTrackingQueryOptionsContains properties that are used to constrain the set of SqlTrackingWorkflowInstance objects returned by a call to SqlTrackingQuery.GetWorkflows.
Public classSqlTrackingServiceRepresents a tracking service that uses a SQL database to store tracking information.
Public classSqlTrackingWorkflowInstanceProvides access to tracking data maintained in a SQL database by the SqlTrackingService for a workflow instance
Public classTrackingAnnotationCollectionContains a collection of annotations.
Public classTrackingChannel 
Public classTrackingCondition 
Public classTrackingConditionCollectionContains a collection of TrackingCondition objects.
Public classTrackingDataItemRepresents a single item of data extracted from a workflow and all its associated annotations.
Public classTrackingDataItemValueContains filter criteria for data extracted from a workflow instance in a SqlTrackingQueryOptions.
Public classTrackingExtract 
Public classTrackingParameters 
Public classTrackingProfile 
Public classTrackingProfileCacheProvides a method that a host application can use to clear the tracking profile cache.
Public classTrackingProfileDeserializationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an XML document cannot be deserialized into a TrackingProfile by a TrackingProfileSerializer.
Public classTrackingProfileSerializer 
Public classTrackingRecord 
Public classTrackingService 
Public classTrackingWorkflowChangedEventArgsContains data associated with a workflow change that occurs during the execution of a workflow instance.
Public classTrackingWorkflowExceptionEventArgsContains data associated with an exception that occurs during the execution of a workflow instance.
Public classTrackingWorkflowSuspendedEventArgsContains information about the reason that a workflow instance was suspended.
Public classTrackingWorkflowTerminatedEventArgs 
Public classUserTrackingLocation 
Public classUserTrackingLocationCollectionContains a collection of UserTrackingLocation objects.
Public classUserTrackingRecordContains the data sent to a tracking service by the runtime tracking infrastructure when a UserTrackPoint is matched.
Public classUserTrackPoint 
Public classUserTrackPointCollection 
Public classWorkflowDataTrackingExtractSpecifies a property or a field to be extracted from the root activity of the workflow and sent to the tracking service together with and an associated collection of annotations when a track point is matched.
Public classWorkflowTrackingLocationDefines an interest in specific workflow status events that occur in a root workflow instance; used for matching by a WorkflowTrackPoint in a tracking profile. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWorkflowTrackingRecord 
Public classWorkflowTrackPointDefines a point associated with a set of workflow status events that are tracked in the potential execution path of a root workflow instance.
Public classWorkflowTrackPointCollectionContains a collection of WorkflowTrackPoint objects.

Public interfaceIProfileNotification 

Public enumerationComparisonOperator 
Public enumerationTrackingWorkflowEventSpecifies a type of workflow status event.
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