Debugging Enumerations

This section describes the unmanaged enumerations that the debugging API uses.


Provides values that are used by the ICLRDebugging::OpenVirtualProcess method.

CLRDataEnumMemoryFlags Enumeration

Indicates which memory regions a call to the ICLRDataEnumMemoryRegions::EnumMemoryRegions method should include.


Identifies the type of process to be enumerated.

CorDebugBlockingReason Enumeration

Specifies the reasons why a thread may become blocked on a given object.

CorDebugChainReason Enumeration

Indicates the reason or reasons for the initiation of a call chain.

CorDebugCodeInvokeKind Enumeration

Describes how an exported function invokes managed code.

CorDebugCodeInvokePurpose Enumeration

Describes why an exported function calls managed code.

CorDebugCreateProcessFlags Enumeration

Provides additional debugging options that can be used in a call to the ICorDebug::CreateProcess method.

CorDebugDebugEventKind Enumeration

Indicates the type of event whose information is decoded by the DecodeEvent method.

CorDebugDecodeEventFlagsWindows Enumeration

Provides additional information about debug events on the Windows platform.

CorDebugExceptionCallbackType Enumeration

Indicates the type of callback that is made from an ICorDebugManagedCallback2::Exception event.

CorDebugExceptionFlags Enumeration

Provides additional information about an exception.

CorDebugExceptionUnwindCallbackType Enumeration

Indicates the event that is being signaled by the callback during the unwind phase.

CorDebugGCType Enumeration

Indicates whether the garbage collector is running on a workstation or a server.

CorDebugGenerationTypes Enumeration

Specifies the generation of a region of memory on the managed heap.

CorDebugHandleType Enumeration

Indicates the handle type.

CorDebugIlToNativeMappingTypes Enumeration

Indicates whether a particular range of native instructions corresponds to a special code region.

CorDebugIntercept Enumeration

Indicates the types of code that can be stepped into.

CorDebugInterfaceVersion Enumeration

Specifies either a version of the .NET Framework, or the version of the .NET Framework in which an interface was introduced.

CorDebugInternalFrameType Enumeration

Identifies the type of stack frame.

CorDebugJITCompilerFlags Enumeration

Contains values that influence the behavior of the managed just-in-time (JIT) compiler.

CorDebugJITCompilerFlagsDeprecated Enumeration

Obsolete. Use the CORDEBUG_JIT_DEFAULT member of the CorDebugJITCompilerFlags enumeration instead.

CorDebugMappingResult Enumeration

Provides the details of how the value of the instruction pointer (IP) was obtained.

CorDebugMDAFlags Enumeration

Specifies the status of the thread on which the managed debugging assistant (MDA) is fired.

CorDebugNGenPolicy Enumeration

Provides a value that determines whether a debugger loads native (NGen) images from the native image cache.

CorDebugPlatform Enumeration

Provides target platform values that are used by the ICorDebugDataTarget::GetPlatform method.

CorDebugRecordFormat Enumeration

Describes the format of the data in a byte array that contains information about a native exception debug event.

CorDebugRegister Enumeration

Specifies the registers associated with a given processor architecture.

CorDebugSetContextFlag Enumeration

Indicates whether the context is from the active (or leaf) frame on the stack or has been computed by unwinding from another frame.

CorDebugStateChange Enumeration

Describes the amount of cached data that must be discarded based on changes to the process.

CorDebugStepReason Enumeration

Indicates the outcome of an individual step.

CorDebugThreadState Enumeration

Specifies the state of a thread for debugging.

CorDebugUnmappedStop Enumeration

Specifies the type of unmapped code that can trigger a halt in code execution by the stepper.

CorDebugUserState Enumeration

Indicates the user state of a thread.

CorGCReferenceType Enumeration

Identifies the source of an object to be garbage-collected.

ILCodeKind Enumeration

Provides values that specify whether the debugger is able to access local variables or code added in profiler ReJIT instrumentation.

LoggingLevelEnum Enumeration

Indicates the severity level of a descriptive message that is written to the event log when a managed thread logs an event.

LogSwitchCallReason Enumeration

Indicates the operation that was performed on a debugging/tracing switch.

WriteableMetadataUpdateMode Enumeration

Provides values that specify whether in-memory updates to metadata are visible to a debugger.

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