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Security (How Do I in Visual C++)

This page links to help on tasks related to security using Visual C++. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Visual C++.

Security Best Practices for C++

Contains information about recommended security tools and practices that is specific to Visual C++.

Security in Native and .NET Framework Code

Contains information about recommended security tools and practices.

/analyze (Enterprise Code Analysis)

C/C++ Code Analysis tool provides information to developers about possible defects in their C/C++ source code.

Code Access Security

Code Access Security is a feature of the .NET common language runtime (CLR) that helps limit the access code has to protected resources and operations.

How to: Debug a Partial Trust Application

Describes how to debug a partial trust application using Visual Studio.

How to: Create a Partially Trusted Application by Removing Dependency on the CRT Library DLL

Discusses how to create a partially trusted common language runtime application using Visual C++ by removing dependency on msvcm90.dll.

Security Enhancements in the CRT

Describes the significant enhancements that have been made to make the CRT more secure.

Security-Enhanced Versions of CRT Functions

Lists all security enhanced functions available starting with Visual C++ 2005.

Parameter Validation

Describes how the security enhanced functions handle parameter validation.

Secure Template Overloads

Describes the template overloads that the CRT provides to help ease the transition to the more secure variants.

Checked Iterators

Describes how checked iterators ensure that you do not overwrite the bounds of your container in retail code.

Debug Iterator Support

Describes how debug iterators ensure that you do not overwrite the bounds of your container in debug code.

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