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Delegates in Visual Basic

A delegate is a form of object-oriented function pointer that allows a function to be invoked indirectly by way of a reference to the function. Delegates can be used to hook up event handlers and pass a procedure from one procedure to another.

Delegates and the AddressOf Operator

Provides an introduction to delegates and how they are used.

How to: Invoke a Delegate Method

Provides an example that shows how to associate a method with a delegate and then invoke that method through the delegate.

How to: Pass Procedures to Another Procedure in Visual Basic

Demonstrates how to use delegates to pass one procedure to another procedure.

Events in Visual Basic

Provides an overview of events in Visual Basic.

Handling and Raising Events

Provides an overview of the event model in the .NET Framework.

Creating Event Handlers in Windows Forms

Describes how to work with events associated with Windows Forms objects.

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