IVsIntellisenseProject Interface

Provides IntelliSense support for a project. Used with IVsIntellisenseProjectHost and intended for use with contained languages.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.8.0 (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.8.0.dll)

public interface IVsIntellisenseProject

The IVsIntellisenseProject type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddAssemblyReferenceAdds an assembly reference to the project.
Public methodAddFileAdds a file to the project.
Public methodAddP2PReferenceAdds a reference to an object on a peer-to-peer network.
Public methodCloseReleases any resources or interfaces held by the implementation of IVsIntellisenseProject.
Public methodGetCodeDomProviderNameRetrieves the name of the code compiler or code generator (code DOM provider).
Public methodGetCompilerReferenceRetrieves a pointer to the IUnknown interface of the compiler for the project.
Public methodGetContainedLanguageFactoryReturns a pointer to the IVsContainedLanguageFactory interface for the project.
Public methodGetExternalErrorReporterRetrieves the project's external error reporter, a pointer to an IVsReportExternalErrors interface.
Public methodGetFileCodeModelRetrieves the code model for a file specified by project and item.
Public methodGetProjectCodeModelRetrieves the code model for the project.
Public methodInitInitializes an Intellisense project.
Public methodIsCompilableFileIndicates whether or not a file can be compiled, based on its extension.
Public methodIsSupportedP2PReferenceIndicates whether or not a peer-to-peer network reference to an object is supported.
Public methodIsWebFileRequiredByProjectIndicates whether or not an Intellisense project can include Web files. Visual Basic projects cannot, Visual C# projects can.
Public methodRefreshCompilerOptionsRefreshes the compiler options using settings from the host.
Public methodRemoveAssemblyReferenceRemoves a reference to an assembly.
Public methodRemoveFileRemoves a file from the project.
Public methodRemoveP2PReferenceRemoves a reference to an object over a peer-to-peer network.
Public methodRenameFileRenames a file in the project.
Public methodResumePostedNotificationsEnables posting of compiler messages.
Public methodStartIntellisenseEngineStart the Intellisense engine.
Public methodStopIntellisenseEngineStop the Intellisense engine.
Public methodSuspendPostedNotificationsStops posting of compiler messages.
Public methodWaitForIntellisenseReadyWait until the Intellisense engine is ready.

For more information about contained languages, see Contained Languages.

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