Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Events Namespace

Visual Studio 2013

  Class Description
Public class BeforeOpenProjectEventArgs Event arguments for the BeforeOpenProject event.
Public class BeforeOpenSolutionEventArgs Event arguments for the BeforeOpenSolution event.
Public class CancelHierarchyEventArgs Event arguments for the CancelHierarchy event.
Public class CloseProjectEventArgs Event arguments for the CloseProject event.
Public class EventSource Determines whether this EventSource is advised on its Visual Studio event source.
Public class HierarchyEventArgs Event arguments for hierarchy events.
Public class LoadProjectBatchEventArgs Event arguments for LoadProjectBatch events.
Public class LoadProjectEventArgs Event arguments for LoadProject events.
Public class OpenProjectEventArgs Event arguments for OpenProject events.
Public class OpenSolutionEventArgs Event arguments for OpenSolution events.
Public class QueryChangeProjectParentEventArgs Event arguments for QueryChangeProjectParent events.
Public class QueryCloseProjectEventArgs Event arguments for QueryCloseProject events.
Public class QueryLoadProjectBatchEventArgs Event arguments for QueryLoadProjectBatch events.
Public class SingletonEventSource<TDerived> The base class for singleton event sources. Classes that are derived from SingletonEventSource should expose static events rather than instance events.
Public class SolutionEvents A wrapper for IVsSolutionEvents that is easy to use in managed code.
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