CSharpReference<TResult> Properties

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

The CSharpReference<TResult> type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Protected property CacheId Gets the identifier of the cache that is unique within the scope of the workflow definition. (Inherited from Activity.)
Protected property Constraints Gets a collection of Constraint activities that can be configured to provide validation for the Activity. (Inherited from Activity.)
Public property DisplayName Gets or sets an optional friendly name that is used for debugging, validation, exception handling, and tracking. (Inherited from Activity.)
Public property ExpressionText Gets or sets the expression text for the reference.
Public property Id Gets an identifier that is unique in the scope of the workflow definition. (Inherited from Activity.)
Protected property Implementation Not supported. (Inherited from CodeActivity<TResult>.)
Protected property ImplementationVersion Gets or sets the implementation version of the activity. (Inherited from CodeActivity<TResult>.)
Public property Language Gets the language used for the reference.
Public property RequiresCompilation Gets whether the reference requires compilation.
Public property Result Gets or sets the result argument for the Activity<TResult>. (Inherited from Activity<TResult>.)
Public property ResultType When implemented in a derived class, gets the type of an activity OutArgument. (Inherited from ActivityWithResult.)
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