HTMLWindow3 Interface

Represents an HTML document window in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).

Namespace:  EnvDTE90
Assembly:  EnvDTE90 (in EnvDTE90.dll)

public interface HTMLWindow3

The HTMLWindow3 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurrentPaneGets or sets the current HTML Editor window type.
Public propertyCurrentViewGets or sets whether the HTML Editor window is in Source, Designer, or Split view.

Public methodWaitForBackgroundProcessingCompletePauses program execution until background processing completes.

HTMLWindow3 is returned by the Object property of the Window object when the document is an HTML document. Window.Selection and Document.Selection returns a TextSelection object when the CurrentTab property is set to vsHTMLTabsSource.

HTMLWindow3, vsHTMLPanes and vsHTMLViews were added with the introduction of Split view in the Visual Studio 2008 HTML editor. Split view separates the tab and view elements of the HTML Editor window. Switching the view (to either Design or Source) does not necessarily mean switching the tab (Design/Split/Source). For example, when you click the Split tab, switching views between Design and Source does not change the tab, it only activates or deactivates the Design and Source parts in the Split view.

The Visual Studio 2008 HTMLWindow object now also implements the HTMLWindow3 interface that returns the current view (either Design or Source) and the current pane (tab, either Design, Source, or Split).

HTMLWindow3 Rules

The behavior of HTMLWindow3 is:

Current Pane (Tab)

Current View Returns






Either vsHTMLViewDesign or vsHTMLViewSource, depending on which part is active.

Current Pane (Tab)





  • Setting the view to vsHTMLViewDesign switches the editor to the Design part of the Split pane. The pane does NOT change to Design view.

  • Setting the view to vsHTMLViewSource switches the editor to the Source part of the Split pane. The pane does not change to Source pane.

  • Setting the pane to vsHTMLPaneDesign switches the editor to Design view and Design pane.

  • Setting the pane to vsHTMLPaneSource switches the editor to Source view and Source pane.

public void HTMLWindowExample(_DTE dte)
    // Open an HTML document before running this sample.
    if (dte.ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.Object is HTMLWindow3)
        HTMLWindow3 objHTMLWin;
        vsHTMLTabs Tab;
        String strFileName;
        // Ask the user for a file to insert into the body of the HTML 
        // document. This file should be an HTML fragment.
        strFileName = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.InputBox 
        ("Enter the name of a file to insert at the end of the HTML 
        // Get the HTMLWindow3 object and determine which tab is 
        // currently active.
        objHTMLWin = dte.ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.Object as 
        Tab = objHTMLWin.CurrentTab;

        // Switch to the "source" tab.
        objHTMLWin.CurrentPane = vsHTMLPanes.vsHTMLPaneSplit;
        objHTMLWin.CurrentTab = vsHTMLViews.vsHTMLViewSource;

        // Get an EditPoint at the start of the text.
        TextWindow objTextWin;
        EditPoint ep;
        EditPoint ep2 = null;
        TextRanges textRanges = null;
        objTextWin = objHTMLWin.CurrentTabObject as TextWindow;
        ep = objTextWin.ActivePane.StartPoint.CreateEditPoint();
        textRanges = objTextWin.Selection.TextRanges;

        // Look for the end of the document body.
        if (ep.FindPattern 
        ("</body>",(int)vsFindOptions.vsFindOptionsNone, ref ep2, ref 
            // Insert the contents of the file.
            ep.InsertFromFile (strFileName);
            // Switch back to the original view of the HTML file.
            objHTMLWin.CurrentTab = Tab;
        MessageBox.Show ("You must open an HTML document.");
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