What's new in testing the application in Visual Studio 2013


New features and supported tasks

Cloud-based load testing is now available as part of Visual Studio Online

No need to use resources and set up your own machines to load test your web app. You can use cloud-based load testing to provide virtual machines that generate the load of many users accessing your web site at the same time.

Get started here.


New features and supported tasks

Test functionality is now included in Team Web Access

  • Lightweight browser-based test management makes manual testing easy:

    • Create test plans.

    • Manage your test suites.

    • Create test cases including shared steps and parameters support.

    • Bulk entry and bulk edit of test cases with a grid view.

    • Copy test cases from Excel to a grid view. Also, copy test cases from a grid view to Excel.

    • Run tests.

    • Edit test cases while running the tests.

    • Test Windows Store apps running on a remote device using manual tests.

To get started, see Plan Manual Tests using Team Web Access.


New features and supported tasks

Coded UI tests for Windows Store apps

Coded UI Test Project (Windows Store apps) template is available using Windows 8.1.See

Testing Windows Store Apps with Coded UI Tests and Set a Unique Automation Property for Windows Store Controls for Testing.

Internet Explorer 11

Coded UI tests work with Internet Explorer 11 in 100% zoom.


New features and supported tasks

Unit tests for Windows Store apps

Create unit tests for Windows Store apps and run these unit tests from Visual Studio and as part of your Team Build.

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