Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Differencing Namespace

  Class Description
Public class Difference Represents a single difference in the set of differences of two lists of elements.
Public class DifferenceBufferOption<T> A base class that can be used for options that are specific to an IDifferenceBuffer.
Public class DifferenceBufferOptions A set of options for the difference buffer.
Public class DifferenceViewerOption<T> A base class that can be used for options that are specific to an IDifferenceViewer.
Public class DifferenceViewerOptions A set of options about the difference viewer display.
Public class DifferenceViewerRoles The text view roles associated with an IDifferenceViewer.
Public class Match Represents a range of matches between two sequences as a pair of spans of equal length.
Public class SnapshotDifferenceChangeEventArgs Used in conjunction with the SnapshotDifferenceChanging and SnapshotDifferenceChanged events.

  Structure Description
Public structure StringDifferenceOptions Options to use in calculating string differences.

  Interface Description
Public interface IDifferenceBuffer A difference buffer constantly computes the differences between two ITextBuffer objects, providing an IProjectionBuffer, InlineBuffer, that contains the differences between the two ITextBuffer objects in an inline difference.
Public interface IDifferenceBufferFactoryService A factory for creating IDifferenceBuffer instances.
Public interface IDifferenceCollection<T> Represents a collection of Difference objects.
Public interface IDifferenceService Determines the differences between two sequences, based on adding or removing elements (but not translating or copying elements).
Public interface IDifferenceTextViewModel Represents a set of zero or more ITextBuffer objects that are unique to the presentation of text in a particular ITextView.
Public interface IDifferenceTrackingSpanCollection Tracking spans for an ISnapshotDifference for the various line and word differences.
Public interface IDifferenceViewer A difference viewer is a container for viewing an IDifferenceBuffer in an inline or side-by-side mode. It keeps the scroll state of the different views in sync, and provides helpers for scrolling to differences and matches in all views.
Public interface IHierarchicalDifferenceCollection Represents a difference collection in which the left and right sequences are ITokenizedStringList objects, and each difference may itself contain an IHierarchicalDifferenceCollection.
Public interface IHierarchicalStringDifferenceService Obsolete. This service has several shortcut methods that compute differences over strings, snapshots, and spans.
Public interface ISnapshotDifference A set of differences between two ITextSnapshot objects. These are created by an IDifferenceBuffer, and are valid to a specific set of snapshots for the LeftBuffer, the RightBuffer, and the StringDifferenceOptions and collections of SnapshotLineTransform and IgnoreDifferencePredicate in place at that time.
Public interface ITextDifferencingSelectorService Used to retrieve an ITextDifferencingService for a given content type. These services may be provided by extenders and may return differences that more closely match the semantics of the given content type, instead of simple textual differencing.
Public interface ITextDifferencingService This service has methods that compute differences over strings, snapshots, and spans. Differences are computed according to the specified StringDifferenceTypes, starting with the most general type (line is more general than word, and word is more general than character). This service is meant to be provided by extenders to override diff behavior by content type, thus allowing more control over the differences produced and how they align semantically (based upon the given language/content type).
Public interface ITokenizedStringList A tokenized representation of a string into abutting and non-overlapping segments.
Public interface IWpfDifferenceViewer A WPF-specific version of an < IDifferenceViewer, which provides access to the VisualElementused to host the viewer and the various text view hosts as IWpfTextViewHost.
Public interface IWpfDifferenceViewerFactoryService A service for creating IWpfDifferenceViewer objects.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ContinueProcessingPredicate<T> A predicate used by IDifferenceService to allow callers to stop differencing prematurely.
Public delegate CreateTextViewHostCallback Callback used with IWpfDifferenceViewerFactoryService to create a text view host.
Public delegate DetermineLocalityCallback Obsolete. Determining the locality for a given difference type and left/right strings.
Public delegate IgnoreDifferencePredicate Add a predicate to selectively ignore differences.Predicate: A predicate to be called for every computed line difference.
Public delegate SnapshotLineTransform A custom transform for text snapshot lines, to allow clients of IDifferenceBuffer to modify lines before performing any comparison.line: The original snapshot line that this transform is being asked to operate on.</currentText: The current text of the line, which may differ from GetText" if an earlier transform has already processed the line.Returns the new line text to use for the line.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DifferenceHighlightMode The highlight mode for this < IDifferenceViewer.
Public enumeration DifferenceHighlightMode2
Public enumeration DifferenceMappingMode The mapping modes that can be used when mapping points inside a difference between the left and right snapshots.
Public enumeration DifferenceType The types of differences.
Public enumeration DifferenceViewMode The view mode for an IDifferenceViewer.
Public enumeration DifferenceViewType The view type for a view created by an IDifferenceViewer.
Public enumeration IgnoreWhiteSpaceBehavior Determines how to treat whitespace.
Public enumeration LineType The line type, as used in methods on IDifferenceBuffer.
Public enumeration StringDifferenceTypes A bitwise combination of the enumeration values to use when computing differences with the various methods in IHierarchicalStringDifferenceService.
Public enumeration WordSplitBehavior Behavior to use while splitting words in string differencing.
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