Configure Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products

If SharePoint Products is not installed on the server that is running Team Foundation Server, you have a remote portal. If you have a remote portal, you must install and configure the Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products on the remote portal.

If you have multiple servers in a web farm, you must install and configure the extensions on every application-tier and web-tier server in the farm.  An error message might appear during configuration asking you to verify that the extensions have been installed on every server in the farm. You can safely ignore this error. After the extensions have been installed and configured on every server, this error stops.

Required permissions

To follow this procedure, you must be a member of the Farm administrators group on the SharePoint administration site.

To configure Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products

  1. From Windows Start, run Team Foundation Server Administration Console.

  2. In the left pane choose Extensions for SharePoint Products, and then in the right pane choose Configure Installed Features.

  3. In the Team Foundation Server Configuration Center window, choose Configure Extensions for SharePoint Products in the left pane. In the right pane, choose Start Wizard.

  4. In the SharePoint Extensions Configuration window, read the Welcome screen, choose if you want to help improve Team Foundation Server, and then choose Next.

  5. If SharePoint Products is installed, skip to the next step. If SharePoint is not installed, take these steps:

    1. Choose the big Install SharePoint Foundation 2013 button. When the install finishes, choose Next.

    2. Type the name of the SQL Server or named instance that will host the configuration databases for SharePoint Foundation 2013.

    3. Type a user account and password for the service account for SharePoint.

      For more information, see Accounts required for installation of Team Foundation Server

  6. On the Review page, review the settings and choose Next to let the wizard validate your configuration.

  7. Choose Configure.

    The wizard applies configuration settings. This process might take several minutes.

  8. Choose Next, Close, Close.

The Team Foundation Server Administration Console appears.

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