Discovery Versioning

This topic provides a brief overview of the implementation of some new discovery features. It also gives an overview on how to select the discovery version to use.

Discovery Versioning

The discovery feature includes support for three versions of the WS_Discovery protocol. The discovery APIs allow you to select which version of the protocol you want to use. This document briefly describes the versioning-related settings.

The following Discovery classes now have a DiscoveryVersion property and take a DiscoveryVersion argument in their constructors:


ProvidingWSDiscoveryApril2005 as a constructor parameter makes the implementation use the April2005 version of the WS-Discovery protocol. This version corresponds to the published version of the WS-Discovery protocol specification. This version should be used to interoperate with legacy application utilizing the April2005 version of WS-Discovery.


The default discovery version used by the APIs isWSDiscovery11. This is the current standardized version of the WS-Discovery protocol.


Providing WSDiscoveryCD1 as a constructor parameter makes the implementation use the committee draft 1 version of the WS-Discovery protocol. This version of the protocol should be used to interoperate with implementations running the CD1 version of the WS-Discovery protocol.

Supporting Multiple UDP Discovery Endpoints for Different Discovery Versions on a Single Service Host

You may want to expose multiple UDP Discovery Endpoints for different discovery versions on a single service host. To do this you must specify a unique address for each UDP discovery endpoint. The following example shows how to do this.

UdpDiscoveryEndpoint newVersionUdpEndpoint = new UdpDiscoveryEndpoint(DiscoveryVersion.WSDiscovery11);
UdpDiscoveryEndpoint oldVersionUdpEndpoint = new UdpDiscoveryEndpoint(DiscoveryVersion.WSDiscoveryApril2005);

newVersionUdpEndpoint.Address = new EndpointAddress(newVersionUdpEndpoint.Address.Uri.ToString() + "/version11");
oldVersionUdpEndpoint.Address = new EndpointAddress(oldVersionUdpEndpoint.Address.Uri.ToString() + "/versionAril2005");


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