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Version Control Environment Options

You can control default values for many version control environment settings by using this set of options.

The list contains the following three items:

  • Team Foundation   Select Team Foundation if you are using Team Foundation version control for version control.

  • Independent Developer   Select Independent Developer if you are using another version control system.

  • Custom   Select Custom if you want to manually modify your version control environment according to the options in the following list.

Get everything when a solution or project is opened

If selected, when you open a solution or project file, Team Foundation version control performs a get operation and downloads the files to your workspace. Get latest forces out of date to be retrieved. The operation uses a tf get command. For more information, see Get Command.

Check in everything when closing a solution or project

If selected, when you close a solution or project file, Team Foundation version control prompts the user to check-in items. Closing an item checks in all items for the specified solution or project in both the working folder and subfolders. 

Display silent check out command in menus

If selected, Visual Studio Team System displays the Check Out for Edit Now command on the File menu. Select Check Out for Edit Now to suppress the Check Out dialog box.

Keep items checked out when checking in

If selected, when you perform a check-in operation, Team Foundation version control keeps the files checked out. The latest version of your working items are saved to Team Foundation version control, but the items remain checked out to you.

Checked-in items




Prompt for check out

If you try to save to version control an item that is not checked out, Team Foundation version control displays a dialog box for you to confirm whether you want to check out the item.

Check out automatically(default)

If you try to save to version control an item that is not checked out, Team Foundation version control will check out the item.

Save as

The Save As option prompts you for a file path of the location where you want to save the checked out items.




Prompt for check out(default)

Team Foundation version control displays a dialog box before any checking out any items and updating your workspace.

Prompt for exclusive checkouts

Team Foundation version control displays a dialog box asking if you want an exclusive check-out before checking out an item. An exclusive check-out prevents multiple, concurrent check-outs of an item.

Check out automatically

When retrieving an item form version control, setting this option automatically checks out the item and does not display any prompts.

Do nothing

If you have Allow Checked-in items to be edited checked then Team Foundation version control enables you to modify checked-in items.

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