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Application Samples

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The samples in this section are modeled after complete applications that you might develop. These samples illustrate more complete error handling and object-oriented development than other Visual J# samples.

Sample Description
Acronym Web Service Demonstrates creating and consuming an XML Web service from a Web application. Also shows how to bind the contents of a dataset to a server-side Datagrid.
Agent Explorer Demonstrates how to upgrade a Java-language/COM application to run on Visual J#.
Dice Illustrates how to consume C# classes from Visual J#.
Photo Album A Windows Forms photo-album application that you can use to create, open, and modify JPEG, GIF, and BMP images.
TypeFinder Provides a command line interface to get information about types from user's environment. This sample also provides general information about reflection.
Vjsresgen Converts a Visual J++ 6.0 resource file to a .NET Framework resource file (.resx).
WinTalk Offers a brief introduction to Windows Forms and Sockets including other FCL topics. The sample is a very simple Sockets Chat application.
WordCount Offers an introduction to the .NET Framework class library. Provides an application that counts words in a text file and organizes the results according to command-line arguments.

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