Microsoft.Windows.Themes Namespace

Provides exposure to the set of themes defined by Windows Presentation Foundation. In WPF, a theme is a set of resources, defined at the system level, which provide the default appearance for controls and other visual elements of an application. WPF themes are created using styles and include Luna, Aero, Royale, and Classic. Only the client area of a WPF application uses these themes; the appearance of the window border and buttons that form the window chrome is controlled by the Win32 theme service.

  Class Description
Public class BulletChrome Creates the theme-specific look for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Bullet elements. A Bullet defines the appearance of CheckBox and RadioButton elements.
Public class ButtonChrome Creates the theme-specific look for Microsoft .NET Framework Button elements.
Public class ClassicBorderDecorator Creates the theme-specific look for Decorator types, for use with the Classic theme.
Public class DataGridHeaderBorder Creates the theme specific-look for headers in .NET Framework 4.5 DataGrid.
Public class ListBoxChrome Creates the theme-specific look for Microsoft .NET Framework ListBox elements.
Public class PlatformCulture Provides culture-specific information used by the Microsoft .NET Framework system themes.
Public class ProgressBarBrushConverter Creates the Brush used to draw the ProgressBar.
Public class ProgressBarHighlightConverter Creates a DrawingBrush used to draw the highlighting for the ProgressBar.
Public class ScrollChrome Creates the theme-specific look for Microsoft .NET Framework ScrollBar elements.
Public class SystemDropShadowChrome Creates a theme specific look for drop shadow effects.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ClassicBorderStyle Specifics the type of Border to draw.
Public enumeration ScrollGlyph Describes the glyphs used to represent the Thumb.
Public enumeration ThemeColor Represents possible color variants for the Microsoft themes.
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