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First statement of this 'Sub New' must be a call to 'MyBase.New' or 'MyClass.New' (No Accessible Constructor Without Parameters)

First statement of this 'Sub New' must be a call to 'MyBase.New' or 'MyClass.New' because base class '<basename>' of '<derivedname>' does not have an accessible 'Sub New' that can be called with no arguments.

In a derived class, every constructor must call a base class constructor (MyBase.New). If the base class has a constructor with no parameters that is accessible to derived classes, MyBase.New can be called automatically. If not, a base class constructor must be called with parameters, and this cannot be done automatically. In this case, the first statement of every derived class constructor must call a parameterized constructor on the base class, or call another constructor in the derived class that makes a base class constructor call.

Error ID: BC30148

To correct this error

  • Either call MyBase.New supplying the required parameters, or call a peer constructor that makes such a call.

    For example, if the base class has a constructor that’s declared as Public Sub New(ByVal index as Integer), the first statement in the derived class constructor might be MyBase.New(100).

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