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How to: Create a Visual J# Project from Existing J++ Code 

Visual Studio 2005

The Visual J# Upgrade Wizard enables you to upgrade J++ applications to the .NET Framework. It only takes a minute to upgrade an entire project to Visual J#. The following example shows you how to upgrade a Visual J++ project to Visual J#.

To upgrade Visual J++ 6.0 projects to Visual J#

  1. On the File menu, click Open, and then click Project/Solution.

    The Open Project dialog displays a list of projects.

  2. Point to your VJ++ project and click OK.

    The Visual J# Upgrade Wizard automatically converts the Visual J++ project. It also converts resource files (with .resources and .properties file extensions) associated with the upgraded project into the .NET Framework XML resource format (.resx) files. However, Pre-build and post-build steps are not supported.

  3. On the Build menu, click Build Solution.

    You do not need to set a CLASSPATH, Visual J# manages this automatically. The jsc compiler compiles your old code and places the binaries in your project's bin\debug directory. In addition, all version information now resides as attributes in the assembly.

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