VBProjPropId90 Enumeration


An enumeration that controls options in the Code Analysis page for Visual Basic projects. Applies to Visual Basic only.

Namespace:   VslangProj90
Assembly:  VslangProj90 (in VslangProj90.dll)

public enum VBProjPropId90

Member nameDescription

The Culture to use for Code Analysis spelling rules, such as "en-US" or "en-AU". The default value is the current user interface language for Windows.


Indicates the dictionaries used by Code Analysis.


Indicates whether Code Analysis should fail silently when it analyzes invalid assemblies, such as those without managed code. The default value is true.


Indicates whether to run all overridable Code Analysis rules against all targets. This will cause specific rules, such as those within the Design and Naming categories, to run against both public and internal APIs instead of only public APIs. The default value is false.


Indicates whether local type inference in declaring variables is used in the project.

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