VsProjPropId100 Enumeration


Represents project properties for all Visual Studio projects.

Namespace:   VSLangProj110
Assembly:  VSLangProj110 (in VSLangProj110.dll)

public enum VsProjPropId100

Member nameDescription

Flag indicating whether code analysis will fail if any rules are missing.


Flag indicating whether to ignore built-in rules.


Flag indicating whether to ignore built-in rule sets.


List of directories to search for rules specified in the rule set file.


The path to the file containing the rule set used by the project.


List of directories to search for rule sets used by the project.


The target framework moniker used by the project.

External components can access these properties through the Properties collection for the appropriate Visual Studio automation object. (That is, ProjectItem for project files and folders, Project for projects, and Configuration for configurations). The property names for the members of this type can be used as an indexer into the Properties collection. For more information about accessing project properties through automation, see Accessing Project Type Specific Project, Project Item, and Configuration Properties.

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