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MSDN Library

tagWebPrjAuthoringAccess Enumeration

Used by the WebSettings of the VSLangProj.

Namespace:  VSLangProj
Assembly:  VSLangProj (in VSLangProj.dll)

public enum tagWebPrjAuthoringAccess

Member nameDescription
webPrjAuthoringAccess_FileShareUse the Windows file system.
webPrjAuthoringAccess_FrontPageUse FrontPage Server Extensions.

Web projects are accessed in two ways:

  • Using FrontPage Server Extensions.

  • Using UNC access (the Windows file system).

The tagWebPrjAuthoringAccess enumeration is used by the project system to support the WebSettings. There is no direct programmatic access to this enumeration. The webPrjAuthoringAccess is available for programming tasks.

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