Imports Interface

Contains the collection of all project imports for a Visual Basic project. The specified imports statements are passed directly to the compiler and apply to all the files in the project.

Namespace:  VSLangProj
Assembly:  VSLangProj (in VSLangProj.dll)

public interface Imports : IEnumerable

This object specifies the namespaces to import for the project. Elements from imported namespaces may be used in code without fully qualifying the name of the element. For example, if the Imports object contains the Namespace1.Namespace2 import statement, then the two following code statements are equally valid:


If the imports statement is not in the collection, then the second, unqualified statement above results in a build error.

' Macro Editor
' This routine displays all the project imports.
Imports VSLangProj
Public Sub ListImports()
   ' The first project is a Visual Basic or C# project.
   Dim vsproject As VSProject = _
      CType(DTE.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object, VSProject)
   Dim projImports As VSLangProj.Imports = vsproject.Imports
   ' For C# projects, projImports will be Nothing.
   If Not (projImports Is Nothing) Then
      Dim i As Integer
      For i = 1 To projImports.Count
      MsgBox("This project has no imports.")
   End If
End Sub

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