This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

BuildManager Interface 

Used by third-party developers to manage the portable executable (PE) files produced by running custom tools.

Namespace: VSLangProj
Assembly: VSLangProj (in vslangproj.dll)

public interface BuildManager
/** @attribute GuidAttribute("C711E2B7-3C58-4C37-9359-705208A890AE") */ 
public interface BuildManager
public interface BuildManager

The BuildManager provides access to the project's temporary PEs, which are created from custom tool output. For more information, see Introduction to the BuildManager Object and RunCustomTool method.

This example lists all the monikers for temporary PEs in a project. Only project items that have their CustomTool property set to a custom tool that generates design-time output have monikers associated with them. One easy way to see a moniker is to create a Windows Application project and add an XML Schema project item. The XML Schema project item has the CustomTool property set to MSDataSetGenerator.

' Macro editor
Sub BuildManagerExample()
      Dim proj As VSLangProj.VSProject = _
         CType(DTE.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object, VSLangProj.VSProject)
      Dim build As BuildManager = proj.BuildManager
      Dim monikers As String() = _
         CType(build.DesignTimeOutputMonikers, String())
      Dim moniker As String
      ' List the monikers.
      For Each moniker In monikers
         MsgBox(moniker & ControlChars.CrLf & _
      ' Hook up some events.
      Dim buildEvents As BuildManagerEvents = _
      AddHandler buildEvents.DesignTimeOutputDeleted, _
         AddressOf OutputDeleted
      AddHandler buildEvents.DesignTimeOutputDirty, _
         AddressOf OutputDirty
   Catch ex As System.Exception
      MsgBox("Cannot list monikers and hook up events.")
   End Try
End Sub

Sub OutputDeleted(ByVal deletedMoniker As String)
   MsgBox(deletedMoniker & " was deleted.")
End Sub

Sub OutputDirty(ByVal dirtyMoniker As String)
   MsgBox(dirtyMoniker & " is dirty.")
End Sub