Working with Views

A view is simply a SELECT query saved in the database. Thus, most operations you can perform on queries you can also perform on views. However, there are some operations that apply only to one or the other. For background information, see Comparison of Queries and Views.

Note Note

Creating views and editing the structure of a view is not fully available for connections to some database management systems.

How to: Create Views

Provides steps for creating a view to be saved with the database for reuse.

How to: Open Views

Provides steps for how to open the view definition or just the results returned by the view.

How to: Save Views

Provides steps for saving a modified or new view.

How to: Rename Views

Provides steps for copying a view definition and pasting it into a view with a different name.

How to: Delete Views from Databases

Provides steps for deleting a view from Server Explorer and the database.

How to: Show View Properties

Provides steps for opening the Properties window for a view.

Reference (Visual Database Tools)

Provides links to general reference topics covering queries, operators, search conditions, specific DBMS requirements, user interface reference topics, and error message topics.

Designing Queries and Views

Provides links to topics covering the use of the Query and View Designer.

View Properties (Visual Database Tools)

Describes each of the properties available for a view.

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