This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Tool Window Shortcut Keys, Visual C++ 6.0 Default Shortcut Option

Use the following shortcut key combinations to display specific tool windows.

Note   To see a list of shortcut keys that have changed or are no longer supported in Visual C++ .NET, see Obsolete Visual C++ 6.0 Key Commands and Changes to Visual C++ 6.0 Key Commands.
Command name Shortcut keys Description
Tools.CommandWindowMarkMode CTRL + SHIFT + M Places the Command window in a mode allowing for selection of text within the window.
View.ClassView CTRL + SHIFT + C Displays the Class View window.
View.CommandWindow CTRL + ALT + A Displays the Command window, which allows you to type commands that manipulate the IDE.
View.DocumentOutline CTRL + ALT + D Displays the Document Outline window to view the flat or hierarchical outline of the current document.
View.Favorites CTRL + ALT + F Displays the Favorites window, which lists shortcuts to Web pages.
View.Output ALT + 2


Displays the Output window to view status messages at run time.
View.PropertiesWindow ALT + ENTER Displays the Properties window, which lists the design-time properties and events for the currently selected item.
View.ResourceView CTRL + SHIFT + E Displays the Resource View window.
View.ServerExplorer CTRL + ALT + S Displays the Server Explorer windows, which allows you to view and manipulate database servers, event logs, message queues, XML Web services, and many other operating system services.
View.SolutionExplorer CTRL + ALT + L Displays Solution Explorer, which lists the projects and files in the current solution.
View.TaskList CTRL + ALT + K Displays the Task List window where you customize, categorize, and manage tasks, comments, shortcuts, warnings and error messages.
View.Toolbox CTRL + ALT + X Displays the Toolbox, which contains controls and other items that can be included or used with your code.

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