asin, asinf, asinl


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Calculates the arcsine.

double asin(   
   double x   
float asin(  
   float x  
);  // C++ only  
long double asin(  
   long double x  
);  // C++ only  
float asinf (   
   float x   
long double asinl(  
   long double x  


Value whose arcsine is to be calculated.

The asin function returns the arcsine (the inverse sine function) of x in the range –π/2 to π/2 radians.

By default, if x is less than –1 or greater than 1, asin returns an indefinite.

InputSEH ExceptionMatherr Exception

Because C++ allows overloading, you can call overloads of asin with float and long double values. In a C program, asin always takes and returns a double.

RoutineRequired header
asin, asinf, asinl<math.h>

For more information, see acos, acosf, acosl.


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