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setDate Method (Windows Scripting - JScript)

Updated: March 2009

Sets the numeric day-of-the-month value of the Date object using local time.



Required. Any Date object.


Required. A numeric value equal to the day of the month.

To set the day-of-the-month value using Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), use the setUTCDate method.

If the value of numDate is greater than the number of days in the month stored in the Date object or is a negative number, the date is set to a date equal to numDate minus the number of days in the stored month. For example, if the stored date is January 5, 1996, and setDate(32) is called, the date changes to February 1, 1996. Negative numbers have a similar behavior.

You can use the setFullYear Method (Windows Scripting - JScript) to set the year, month, and the day of the month.

The following example illustrates the use of the setDate method.

function SetDateDemo(newdayofmonth){
// Create date object.
   var d = new Date();        
// Set day of month.
   var s = "Current setting is ";
   s += d.toLocaleString(); 
// Return newly set date.




March 2009

Clarified remarks and example.

Information enhancement.

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