This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Application Extension Mapping Dialog Box

Specifies mappings between an executable file and one or more file extensions, and to specify which actions are allowed for the file.

To access the Application Extension Mapping dialog box, click the Add or Edit button in the Application Mappings dialog box.




Specifies an executable file to be associated with a file extension.


Opens the Select Item in Project dialog box, which allows you to select an executable file.


Specifies one or more file extensions to be associated with the file specified in the Executable field. Extensions must be preceded by a period. Multiple extensions should be separated by semicolons.

HTTP Verbs

Specifies Internet Information Services verbs that are allowed for the executable file. When All verbs is selected, any verb will be allowed; when Limit to is selected, only verbs entered in this field will be allowed.

This setting applies only to Internet Information Services version 5.0 or later. For earlier versions, verbs entered here will be excluded rather than included for the file.