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Highlights or removes the highlight from a top-level (menu-bar) menu item.

      BOOL HiliteMenuItem(
   CMenu* pMenu,
   UINT nIDHiliteItem,
   UINT nHilite 


Identifies the top-level menu that contains the item to be highlighted.


Specifies the menu item to be highlighted, depending on the value of the nHilite parameter.


Specifies whether the menu item is highlighted or the highlight is removed. It can be a combination of MF_HILITE or MF_UNHILITE with MF_BYCOMMAND or MF_BYPOSITION. The values can be combined using the bitwise OR operator. These values have the following meanings:

  • MF_BYCOMMAND   Interprets nIDHiliteItem as the menu-item ID (the default interpretation).

  • MF_BYPOSITION   Interprets nIDHiliteItem as the zero-based offset of the menu item.

  • MF_HILITE   Highlights the item. If this value is not given, the highlight is removed from the item.

  • MF_UNHILITE   Removes the highlight from the item.

Specifies whether the menu item was highlighted. Nonzero if the item was highlighted; otherwise 0.

The MF_HILITE and MF_UNHILITE flags can be used only with this member function; they cannot be used with the CMenu::ModifyMenu member function.


Header: afxwin.h