Dotnetfx.exe Deployment Scenarios

This section provides .NET Framework SDK users with deployment scenarios for redistributing the .NET Framework using Dotnetfx.exe. There are minimum requirements that must be met in order to successfully install the .NET Framework on a computer. An end user's computer must meet these requirements prior to installing Dotnetfx.exe. For a detailed list of specific software and hardware requirements and recommendations, see Minimum Configuration Requirements. The .NET Framework also requires that Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.6 or later be installed for any application that includes data access. Microsoft provides MDAC_typ.exe, a stand-alone executable file that can be run to install MDAC. It is available for download from the Universal Data Access Web site. In addition, because Dotnetfx.exe is a significant runtime component, you must have administrator privileges in order to install Dotnetfx.exe on a computer.

Additional information about deploying Dotnetfx.exe is available from the .NET Framework Deployment Guide Web site.

This section provides the following deployment scenarios for redistributing the .NET Framework using Dotnetfx.exe:

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