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Called by the framework before the OnDraw member function is called for screen display and before the OnPrint member function is called for each page during printing or print preview.

      virtual void OnPrepareDC(
   CDC* pDC,
   CPrintInfo* pInfo = NULL 


Points to the device context to be used for rendering an image of the document.


Points to a CPrintInfo structure that describes the current print job if OnPrepareDC is being called for printing or print preview; the m_nCurPage member specifies the page about to be printed. This parameter is NULL if OnPrepareDC is being called for screen display.

The default implementation of this function does nothing if the function is called for screen display. However, this function is overridden in derived classes, such as CScrollView, to adjust attributes of the device context; consequently, you should always call the base class implementation at the beginning of your override.

If the function is called for printing, the default implementation examines the page information stored in the pInfo parameter. If the length of the document has not been specified, OnPrepareDC assumes the document to be one page long and stops the print loop after one page has been printed. The function stops the print loop by setting the m_bContinuePrinting member of the structure to FALSE.

Override OnPrepareDC for any of the following reasons:

  • To adjust attributes of the device context as needed for the specified page. For example, if you need to set the mapping mode or other characteristics of the device context, do so in this function.

  • To perform print-time pagination. Normally you specify the length of the document when printing begins, using the OnPreparePrinting member function. However, if you don't know in advance how long the document is (for example, when printing an undetermined number of records from a database), override OnPrepareDC to test for the end of the document while it is being printed. When there is no more of the document to be printed, set the m_bContinuePrinting member of the CPrintInfo structure to FALSE.

  • To send escape codes to the printer on a page-by-page basis. To send escape codes from OnPrepareDC, call the Escape member function of the pDC parameter.

Call the base class version of OnPrepareDC at the beginning of your override.


void CMyView::OnPrepareDC (CDC* pDC, CPrintInfo* pInfo)
   CView::OnPrepareDC(pDC, pInfo);

   // If we are printing, set the mapmode and the window
   // extent properly, then set viewport extent. Use the
   // SetViewportOrg member function in the CDC class to
   // move the viewport origin to the center of the view.

   if(pDC->IsPrinting()) // Is the DC a printer DC.
      CRect rect;
      GetClientRect (&rect);

      CSize ptOldWinExt = pDC->SetWindowExt(1000, 1000);
      ASSERT( != 0 && != 0);
      CSize ptOldViewportExt = pDC->SetViewportExt(rect.Width(), -rect.Height());
      ASSERT( != 0 && != 0);
      CPoint ptOldOrigin = pDC->SetViewportOrg(rect.Width()/2, rect.Height()/2);


Header: afxwin.h