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Implement this method to execute code when the handle associated with this object becomes signaled.

HRESULT Execute( 
   DWORD_PTR dwParam, 
   HANDLE hObject  


The user parameter.


The handle that has become signaled.

Return S_OK on success, or an error HRESULT on failure.

The handle and DWORD/pointer passed to this method were previously associated with this object by a call to CWorkerThread::AddHandle.

The following code shows a simple implementation of IWorkerThreadClient::Execute.

HRESULT Execute(DWORD_PTR dwParam, HANDLE hObject)
   // Cast the parameter to its known type.
   LONG* pn = reinterpret_cast<LONG*>(dwParam);

   // Increment the LONG.
   LONG n = InterlockedIncrement(pn);

   // Log the results.
   printf_s("Handle 0x%08X incremented value to : %d\n", (DWORD_PTR)hObject, n);

   return S_OK;

Header: atlutil.h

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