We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

OpenMP in Visual C++

The OpenMP C and C++ application program interface lets you write applications that effectively use multiple processors. Visual C++ supports the OpenMP 2.0 standard.

OpenMP Directives

Provides links to directives used in the OpenMP API.

OpenMP Clauses

Provides links to clauses used in the OpenMP API.

OpenMP Library Reference

Provides links to constructs used in the OpenMP API.

OpenMP C and C++ Application Program Interface

Discusses the OpenMP C and C++ API, as documented in the version 2.0 specification from the OpenMP Architecture Review Board.

/openmp (Enable OpenMP 2.0 Support)

Causes the compiler to process #pragma omp.

Predefined Macros

Names the predefined ANSI C and Microsoft C++ implementation macros. See the _OPENMP macro.