This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Routine Mappings

The generic-text routine mappings are defined in TCHAR.H. _tccpy and _tclen map to functions in the MBCS model; they are mapped to macros or inline functions in the SBCS and Unicode models for completeness. For information on a generic text routine, see the help topic about the corresponding SBCS-, _MBCS-, or _UNICODE-related routine.

More specific information about individual routines listed in the left column in the following table is not available in this documentation. However, you can easily look up the information on a corresponding SBCS-, _MBCS-, or _UNICODE-related routine. Use the Search command on the Help menu to look up any generic-text routine listed below.

For related information, see Generic-Text Mappings in TCHAR.H.

Generic-Text Routine Mappings

routine name
MBCS not defined)

_MBCS defined

_UNICODE defined
_cgetts _cgets _cgets _cgetws
_cputts _cputs _cputs _cputws
_fgettc fgetc fgetc fgetwc
_fgettchar _fgetchar _fgetchar _fgetwchar
_fgetts fgets fgets fgetws
_fputtc fputc fputc fputwc
_fputtchar _fputchar _fputchar _fputwchar
_fputts fputs fputs fputws
_ftprintf fprintf fprintf fwprintf
_ftscanf fscanf fscanf fwscanf
_gettc getc getc getwc
_gettch _getch _getch _getwch
_gettchar getchar getchar getwchar
_gettche _getche _getche _getwche
_getts gets gets getws
_istalnum isalnum _ismbcalnum iswalnum
_istalpha isalpha _ismbcalpha iswalpha
_istascii isascii isascii iswascii
_istcntrl iscntrl iscntrl iswcntrl
_istdigit isdigit _ismbcdigit iswdigit
_istgraph isgraph _ismbcgraph iswgraph
_istlead Always returns false _ismbblead Always returns false
_istleadbyte Always returns false isleadbyte Always returns false
_istlegal Always returns true _ismbclegal Always returns true
_istlower islower _ismbclower iswlower
_istprint isprint _ismbcprint iswprint
_istpunct ispunct _ismbcpunct iswpunct
_istspace isspace _ismbcspace iswspace
_istupper isupper _ismbcupper iswupper
_istxdigit isxdigit isxdigit iswxdigit
_itot _itoa _itoa _itow
_ltot _ltoa _ltoa _ltow
_puttc putc putc putwc
_puttch _putch _putch _putwch
_puttchar putchar putchar putwchar
_putts puts puts _putws
_sctprintf _scprintf _scprintf _scwprintf
_sntprintf _snprintf _snprintf _snwprintf
_sntscanf _snscanf _snscanf _snwscanf
_stprintf sprintf sprintf swprintf
_stscanf sscanf sscanf swscanf
_taccess _access _access _waccess
_tasctime asctime asctime _wasctime
_tccmp Maps to macro or inline function _mbsncmp Maps to macro or inline function
_tccpy Maps to macro or inline function _mbccpy Maps to macro or inline function
_tchdir _chdir _chdir _wchdir
_tclen Maps to macro or inline function _mbclen Maps to macro or inline function
_tchmod _chmod _chmod _wchmod
_tcprintf _cprintf _cprintf _cwprintf
_tcreat _creat _creat _wcreat
_tcscanf _cscanf _cscanf _cwscanf
_tcscat strcat _mbscat wcscat
_tcschr strchr _mbschr wcschr
_tcsclen strlen _mbslen wcslen
_tcscmp strcmp _mbscmp wcscmp
_tcscoll strcoll _mbscoll wcscoll
_tcscpy strcpy _mbscpy wcscpy
_tcscspn strcspn _mbscspn wcscspn
_tcsdec _strdec _mbsdec _wcsdec
_tcsdup _strdup _mbsdup _wcsdup
_tcserror strerror strerror _wcserror
_tcsftime strftime strftime wcsftime
_tcsicmp _stricmp _mbsicmp _wcsicmp
_tcsicoll _stricoll _mbsicoll _wcsicoll
_tcsinc _strinc _mbsinc _wcsinc
_tcslen strlen strlen wcslen
_tcslwr _strlwr _mbslwr _wcslwr
_tcsnbcnt _strncnt _mbsnbcnt _wcsncnt
_tcsncat strncat _mbsnbcat wcsncat
_tcsnccat strncat _mbsncat wcsncat
_tcsnccmp strncmp _mbsncmp wcsncmp
_tcsnccoll _strncoll _mbsncoll _wcsncoll
_tcsncmp strncmp _mbsnbcmp wcsncmp
_tcsnccnt _strncnt _mbsnccnt _wcsncnt
_tcsnccpy strncpy _mbsncpy wcsncpy
_tcsncicmp _strnicmp _mbsnicmp _wcsnicmp
_tcsncicoll _strnicoll _mbsnicoll _wcsnicoll
_tcsncpy strncpy _mbsnbcpy wcsncpy
_tcsncset _strnset _mbsnset _wcsnset
_tcsnextc _strnextc _mbsnextc _wcsnextc
_tcsnicmp _strnicmp _mbsnbicmp _wcsnicmp
_tcsnicoll _strnicoll _mbsnbicoll _wcsnicoll
_tcsninc _strninc _mbsninc _wcsninc
_tcsnccnt _strncnt _mbsnccnt _wcsncnt
_tcsnset _strnset _mbsnbset _wcsnset
_tcspbrk strpbrk _mbspbrk wcspbrk
_tcsspnp _strspnp _mbsspnp _wcsspnp
_tcsrchr strrchr _mbsrchr wcsrchr
_tcsrev _strrev _mbsrev _wcsrev
_tcsset _strset _mbsset _wcsset
_tcsspn strspn _mbsspn wcsspn
_tcsstr strstr _mbsstr wcsstr
_tcstod strtod strtod wcstod
_tcstoi64 _strtoi64 _strtoi64 _wcstoi64
_tcstok strtok _mbstok wcstok
_tcstol strtol strtol wcstol
_tcstoui64 _strtoui64 _strtoui64 _wcstoui64
_tcstoul strtoul strtoul wcstoul
_tcsupr _strupr _mbsupr _wcsupr
_tcsxfrm strxfrm strxfrm wcsxfrm
_tctime ctime ctime _wctime
_tctime64 _ctime64 _ctime64 _wctime64
_texecl _execl _execl _wexecl
_texecle _execle _execle _wexecle
_texeclp _execlp _execlp _wexeclp
_texeclpe _execlpe _execlpe _wexeclpe
_texecv _execv _execv _wexecv
_texecve _execve _execve _wexecve
_texecvp _execvp _execvp _wexecvp
_texecvpe _execvpe _execvpe _wexecvpe
_tfdopen _fdopen _fdopen _wfdopen
_tfindfirst _findfirst _findfirst _wfindfirst
_tfindnext _findnext _findnext _wfindnext
_tfindnext64 _findnext64 _findnext64 _wfindnext64
_tfindnexti64 _findnexti64 _findnexti64 _wfindnexti64
_tfopen fopen fopen _wfopen
_tfreopen freopen freopen _wfreopen
_tfsopen _fsopen _fsopen _wfsopen
_tfullpath _fullpath _fullpath _wfullpath
_tgetcwd _getcwd _getcwd _wgetcwd
_tgetdcwd _getdcwd _getdcwd _wgetdcwd
_tgetenv getenv getenv _wgetenv
_tmain main main wmain
_tmakepath _makepath _makepath _wmakepath
_tmkdir _mkdir _mkdir _wmkdir
_tmktemp _mktemp _mktemp _wmktemp
_topen _open _open _wopen
_totlower tolower _mbctolower towlower
_totupper toupper _mbctoupper towupper
_tperror perror perror _wperror
_tpopen _popen _popen _wpopen
_tprintf printf printf wprintf
_tputenv _putenv _putenv _wputenv
_tremove remove remove _wremove
_trename rename rename _wrename
_trmdir _rmdir _rmdir _wrmdir
_tsearchenv _searchenv _searchenv _wsearchenv
_tscanf scanf scanf wscanf
_tsetlocale setlocale setlocale _wsetlocale
_tsopen _sopen _sopen _wsopen
_tspawnl _spawnl _spawnl _wspawnl
_tspawnle _spawnle _spawnle _wspawnle
_tspawnlp _spawnlp _spawnlp _wspawnlp
_tspawnlpe _spawnlpe _spawnlpe _wspawnlpe
_tspawnv _spawnv _spawnv _wspawnv
_tspawnve _spawnve _spawnve _wspawnve
_tspawnvp _spawnvp _spawnvp _wspawnvp
_tspawnvpe _spawnvpe _spawnvpe _wspawnvpe
_tsplitpath _splitpath _splitpath _wsplitpath
_tstat _stat _stat _wstat
_tstat64 _stat64 _stat64 _wstat64
_tstati64 _stati64 _stati64 _wstati64
_tstof atof atof _wtof
_tstoi atoi atoi _wtoi
_tstoi64 _atoi64 _atoi64 _wtoi64
_tstol atol atol _wtol
_tstrdate _strdate _strdate _wstrdate
_tstrtime _strtime _strtime _wstrtime
_tsystem system system _wsystem
_ttempnam _tempnam _tempnam _wtempnam
_ttmpnam tmpnam tmpnam _wtmpnam
_ttoi atoi atoi _wtoi
_ttoi64 _atoi64 _atoi64 _wtoi64
_ttol atol atol _wtol
_tunlink _unlink _unlink _wunlink
_tutime _utime _utime _wutime
_tutime64 _utime64 _utime64 _wutime64
_tWinMain WinMain WinMain wWinMain
_ui64tot _ui64toa _ui64toa _ui64tow
_ultot _ultoa _ultoa _ultow
_ungettc ungetc ungetc ungetwc
_ungettch _ungetch _ungetch _ungetwch
_vftprintf vfprintf vfprintf vfwprintf
_vsctprintf _vscprintf _vscprintf _vscwprintf
_vsntprintf _vsnprintf _vsnprintf _vsnwprintf
_vstprintf vsprintf vsprintf vswprintf
_vtprintf vprintf vprintf vwprintf

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