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COleObjectFactory Class
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COleObjectFactory Class

Implements the OLE class factory, which creates OLE objects such as servers, automation objects, and documents.

class COleObjectFactory : public CCmdTarget

The COleObjectFactory class has member functions for performing the following functions:

  • Managing the registration of objects.

  • Updating the OLE system register, as well as the run-time registration that informs OLE that objects are running and ready to receive messages.

  • Enforcing licensing by limiting use of the control to licensed developers at design time and to licensed applications at run time.

  • Registering control object factories with the OLE system registry.

For more information about object creation, see the articles Data Objects and Data Sources (OLE) and Data Objects and Data Sources: Creation and Destruction. For more about registration, see the article Registration.

Header: afxdisp.h

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